CleverDork is one dude illustrating/designing original stickers.

CleverDork was started in 2014 by a 25 year-old boy named Peter. Peter spawned in Michigan but now lives in Oregon. Peter enjoys long walks on the coastline and thinks it's weird when people self-pen bios in the third-person. 


I started selling t-shirts under the CleverDork moniker at the downtown Portland art-market. I've since switched to just stickers. 
But why stickers?
T shirts are great but managing them gets tiresome (sizes, colors, styles). Stickers are simple. And after t-shirts, stickers are the most interactive way to share physical art. People often put them on stuff they carry with them - notebooks, water bottles, laptops, cars*.
* i guess the car carries you

Schooling: Graphic Design.
Interests: Pop-Culture and Puzzles.
Personality: Shy.

With each design, my goal is to make you sharply exhale a little bit of air through your nose. It's the kind of laugh that says "I get this." And with all my designs there's always something to figure out.
Most company missions include something about wanting to 'change the world'. Mine doesn't. I'm just happy making fun of it until they do.

– Peter aka CleverDork